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Most people experience God most intimately through one of four spirituality types. Understanding how you relate to God can help you fall deeper in love with Jesus.  Knowing there are a variety of spirituality types helps us embrace and appreciate our diverse sets of human experiences.

Thinking about God is one-sided and limits our relationship with God.  Jesus’ alternates between structure and engagement to freedom and solitude with God. We can too.

Ready to take the risk of flowing from a rigid structure to more intimate experiences with God?  Marsha is here to help you or your leadership team discover a deeper, more authentic life with Jesus.

Breathing in Christ

Genesis 2:7 tells us that God’s holy breath formed humanity out of the dusty ground.  The very same divine breath continues to breathe life into each one of us.

Marsha is passionate about helping others connect to Jesus one breath at a time.  With a gift for teaching about our holy encounters with Jesus, Marsha guides others toward Breathing in Christ as a way of life.

Perhaps for the first time ever, Breathing in Christ is your invitation to honestly and vulnerably inhale the life-saving love of Jesus. You are not alone.  Together, we connect to Jesus one breath at a time.

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“Marsha led our multi-generational retreat group through spiritual practices that brought the Gospel to life. Our members are still talking about it, and want to know when she can come back. Her caring, nurturing style was inspirational.”

CHARLIE ROBERTS, Lower Susquehanna Synod

Deacon Marsha Roscoe is an engaging speaker and retreat leader. Her knowledge and energy breathe life into the Word. Time spent in retreat becomes a renewing spiritual experience with her leadership. After working with and attending numerous retreats with Marsha Roscoe, I can attest to the spirit and depth of her commitment to help others experience Christ in every day.

Patty Wachter


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