Marsha challenges listeners to reflect deeply on the inner self and the integration of the active and contemplative life. With a strong spirit forged from experiences rooted in lament and celebration, Marsha ignites a passion in us to be God-bearers in the world. I highly recommend Marsha Roscoe as a prophetic voice that releases adrenaline into our apathetic souls!

Patty Wachter

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Breathing in Christ is a way of life

Using Scripture to help make sense of our basic human desires and needs, Marsha calls us to an intentional life of loving God deeper starting with our next breath.

As founder of Breathing in Christ, Deacon Marsha Roscoe is an ordained minister,

writer, speaker, spiritual director, retreat guide and spiritual growth consultant.

Sermon – How is Faith Formed

So how IS faith formed? Deacon Roscoe has some wonderful things to share about Jesus – as teacher – as our model and inspiration for how we relate to others. So what makes a good teacher? Well, that depends on whether you are the teacher of the student. Watch the video for more!

Spiritual Hunger Synod Assembly 2015

Deacon Marsha Roscoe preaches on John 15:1-9 with a focus on spiritual hunger at the 2015 Lower Susquehanna Synod’s annual assembly.