What is a spiritual director?

Spiritual directors are trained to listen, help you notice God, and point you to spiritual practices that help you notice God’s possibilities for your life. During monthly sessions, we examine, without judgment, what is happening and where God is in the stories of our lives. A spiritual director helps you recognize the blazes on your trail that lead you into a deeper relationship with God.

As a member of Spiritual Directors’ International, Marsha supports individuals’ unique spiritual journeys as a welcoming and supporting presence to listen and respond without judgment. Through a practice of holy listening, she invites her directees to experience an authentic relationship with Christ by encouraging gentle soul-searching.

As a spiritual director, she:

  • Always listens deeply to serve the directee and the spiritual direction relationship.

  • Recognizes everyone’s spiritual journey is unique and seeks to honor the varied spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical seasons of her directees.

  • Guides directees in prayer and silence and other spiritual practices, and draws attention to the significant insights arising in the directees.

  • Maintains a personal contemplative practice of prayer and reflection, deepening self-awareness, and accountability of limitations.

  • Honors confidentiality in accordance with Spiritual Directors Guidelines for Ethical Conduct and participates in annual continuing education hours.

More Information

Marsha’s spiritual directees engage in a monthly one-hour, face-to-face (preferred) or zoom session, are supported by an optional mid-month check-in and receive as-needed, on-call spiritual support. To ensure optimal accountability and compassion, she maintains a finite number of directees who are committed to their spiritual journey. If you are interested in receiving more information about spiritual direction, please contact Marsha.