Living Well in our One Body

One body - this is all we get. We live well when we take responsibility for choices, behaviors, and lifestyle that lead toward optimal health and wellbeing. In this Podcast, Deacon Marsha Roscoe explores ways to actively contribute to our wellness and invites us to pay attention to what our bodies need most.

Living Well in our One Body2023-01-26T13:19:06-05:00

Proper Breathing

Our lives depend on breathing; yet, many of us we were never taught how to breathe properly. In this brief Podcast, Marsha shares how to actively engage in breathing that positively influences our bodies.

Proper Breathing2023-01-26T13:42:13-05:00

A Breath Meditation

In this short meditation, you are invited to notice how your body is feeling and encouraged to pay attention to proper breathing habits. By inhaling the gifts of God’s creation, you can connect to Jesus one breath at a time.

A Breath Meditation2023-01-26T13:45:33-05:00

Breathing in Christ Events

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