Fire Spirituality Type with Charlie Roberts

Charlie Roberts, Lower Susquehanna Synod Director of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry, shares how his personal and communal rhythms embody the fire and water spirituality types, especially during this season. For those desiring to support mission and ministry in Lower Susquehanna Synod, donations can be made online at lss-elca.org

Fire Spirituality Type with Charlie Roberts2023-01-26T13:35:51-05:00

Discover Your Spirituality Type

By discovering your spirituality typology, Marsha invites you to replace fear and insecurity with a better understanding of how you conceptualize and experience God. The spiritual type assessment and descriptions can be found online at breathinginchrist.com.

Discover Your Spirituality Type2023-01-26T13:41:44-05:00

How we live is how we love

We are what we love; and we just may not love what we think. To love like Jesus loves calls us to examine our behaviors and beliefs because what we believe shapes our practices and rhythms of life. Breathing in Christ helps you examine what you love and how you live.

How we live is how we love2023-01-26T13:43:22-05:00

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