From Worry to Life-Giving Habits

According to an American Psychological Association’s Stress in AmericaTM online survey, 27 percent of Americans are so stressed they cannot function. In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus invites his disciples not to worry, for life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. He reminds us that “where our treasure is, our heart will be also.” As a worrying, stressed-out culture, Jesus offers an alternate path. This podcast explores how small changes that fix our hearts on what matters most can lead to transformative change.

From Worry to Life-Giving Habits2023-03-10T15:33:12-05:00

Breathing in Christ Wholeness Journey Launch

Marsha shares how the Breathing in Christ wholeness journey set to launch in October, 2020, is a 12-month transformational experience empowered by God’s divine design. Guiding communities in discovering the deepest calling that transforms God’s potential, together we learn, practice, grow and become God’s truest nature in our lives. Learn more about this experience at

Breathing in Christ Wholeness Journey Launch2023-01-26T13:30:46-05:00

Practicing Forward: Lament as a Threshold to Hope

In this new podcast series from the Stevenson School for Ministry, Marsha Roscoe hosts Gina Campbell in a conversation about what it means to be practicing forward as resilient and adaptable leaders in the church. In this first episode, Rev. Dr. Gina Campbell invites church leaders to think about lament as a threshold to hope.

Practicing Forward: Lament as a Threshold to Hope2023-01-26T13:39:19-05:00

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