“Take heart, it is I, do not be afraid.” These words, a beacon of courage in the face of uncertainty, echo across time and space. They reverberate in the story of Jesus walking on water, a narrative shared in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and John. There are profound lessons encapsulated in this invitation.

The Stormy Night:
Picture the scene: a dark, tempestuous night on the sea, following the miraculous feeding of five thousand. The disciples find themselves in a boat, engulfed by sweeping winds and swelling waves. Fear creeps in, like an unwelcome companion. In their moment of trepidation, a figure emerges across the waters – Jesus. Yet, fear whispers that it must be a ghost. Then, the voice of reassurance pierces the night, “Take heart, it is I, do not be afraid.” In these words, we find the crux of faith – the courage to stand firm even when the tempest roars.

Stepping onto Uncharted Waters:
Matthew’s account reveals Peter’s audacious request: to join Jesus on the water. Emboldened, Peter steps out of the boat and defies the laws of nature for a fleeting moment. But then, fear infiltrates his faith, and he starts to sink. Jesus’ poignant question – “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” – resonates across time. This poignant interaction invites us to reflect on our own moments of faltering faith when doubt clouds our vision.

Living Faith in Unpredictable Times:
Our faith bridges the gap between belief and action. This connection is tested when life takes us into uncharted waters. Just as Peter’s “little faith” met doubt, so do our own uncertainties threaten to overshadow our beliefs.

Anchored in Grace-Filled Love:
The world around us can resemble a storm-tossed sea, unpredictable and unforgiving. Yet, our faith becomes an anchor, steadying our hearts and minds. The challenges we face may be unprecedented, like the fierce winds and battering waves, but faith reminds us to keep our gaze fixed on God’s grace-filled healing love. This love, as vast as the ocean, flows deeper and wider than any adversity.

As we navigate the seas of life, remember the profound lessons woven into the story of Jesus walking on water. Just as fear can lead to doubt, faith can guide us back to courage. Amidst the uncertainties, we’re called to live out our beliefs, even when answers seem elusive. The storm may be fierce, but the grace of God’s love is fiercer still. Let our faith be the lighthouse that guides us through the darkness, inspiring us to keep our eyes on the horizon of hope while breathing deep in Christ.

-Marsha Roscoe

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Marsha Roscoe